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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back to work today

But my back's still not close to being healed. Its just less
excruciating than it was yesterday. The biggest challenge so far today
was getting my socks pulled on, since I can't bend that right leg
without causing mucho oucho. But I made it into work and as long as the
meds hold out, I'll be here in cubicle. If the meds take advantage of
me, I'll be face down on my keyboard, drooling until it catches fire and
the alarm and sprinkler systems goes off to wake me.

I still really can't believe that all this pain is due to my posture
error while I play my guitar but I am 100% certain that is the root
cause. I can just barely lift my right leg and when I do and get it up
to the height of my footrest bag, the pain becomes unbearable. Its
almost as if I am being stabbed, right at my beltline and 3" to my right
from my spine.

If I'm not better by tomorrow, I'm going back to the Doc and I'll
probably be searching out a chiropractor before the week ends. In the
mean time, I'll try not to snap anybody's head off just because I'm

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